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Your Step by Step Plan For More Clients, More Cash & Consistent $5k Months
in Your Photography Business.
Ready to Create The Photography Business You've Always Dreamed?
Maybe you just KNOW... that you can do, be & have MORE?
You started your business with passion and excitement... you might even have a gorgeous website... you're posting your beautiful photos on social media... you might even be booking shoots...
and yet...
There seems to be constant stress of making ends meet and having enough time to do it all. 
Any of This Sound Familiar?
Burnt out and exhausted
Desperately seeking clients each month with inconsistent & inadequate income.

Overwhelmed and unsure
Doing everything yourself, no systems and automation and dropping the ball.
Feeling not good enough
Scared to put yourself out there or raise your prices and stuck in perfectionism.
  • YOU'VE TRIED ALL THE ‘RIGHT’ THINGS – gorgeous website, posting on Facebook, trying to hack Instagram, offering free shoots, reducing your prices, holding sales... and STILL don't have enough clients
  •  YOU HAVE NO TIME – you're constantly chasing your tail, editing till 1am... you might even feel like you are so busy, you can't take on more clients - but you don't have the income to match...
  •  YOU HATE BEING "SALESY" – selling feels yuck, you don't want to annoy people, and you hate promoting yourself
  •  YOU'RE STARTING TO DOUBT – Nothing seems to work for you or be sustainable... and maybe you just aren't as optimistic about your business as you used to be.
The problem is that times have changed.
There's so much choice these days
that people don't trust as easily as they used to.
80% of sales require five follow-ups.
63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy.
35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first
Unless you have systems & automation, you couldn't possibly do this manually for every single enquiry...

You Need A Way To Elegantly Guide Your Potential Clients Into a Sale And Turn "Likes" Into Customers... And It Needs To Be Automated.
And That's Just The
Tip Of The Iceberg.
You can have all the right marketing strategies & automation know-how...
But if your pricing & packages aren't right...

...or if you have beliefs that stop you from taking action...

...then even the best marketing strategies & automation in the world
won't work for you.
You need a complete Photography Business
Mindset + Model + Marketing Program.
The PBA gets results using it's unique combination of:
Photography Client Workflow Excellence
Funnels + Email Automations
Psychology of Pricing + Selling
Strategic Social Media + Marketing
Ninja Mindset Tools
Coaching, Support + Community
 I was hesitant to invest without knowing ahead of time that it was really going to work - but with some encouragement from my husband - I went ahead - and I’m so glad I did. I just ran a special using one of Clare’s funnels and sold out within 2 weeks (10 bookings in total, 7 in one day!)

Initially some time and effort is required to set everything up, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. I love that I can book a client, collect their session fee and have them select the date and time they want within my calendar, all with zero contact. 

I now feel extremely confident in my business and happy to work hard this year, knowing everything will be in place year after year, making it possible to book more clients and allowing for a better work/life balance.
Tania, Photography By Tania
You Will Have:
  • ​A Pricing Strategy That Sells
  • ​A Booking on Autopilot System 
  • ​A 24/7 Client Attraction System 
  • ​An Automated Client Workflow 
  • ​A Continuous Client System 
  • ​A 12 Month Marketing Plan 
  • ​A Winning Mindset! 
 Using Clare's funnels and advice I sold out my Autumn mini session day, booking 12 mini session shoots.
My confidence grew and I then went on to make $5,900 from a standard portrait sale! When you follow Clare’s processes, they just work.
Tammie, Nexus Photography
 I lacked confidence, had no portfolio, very little understanding of how to set up and market a business. I came to Clare wanting to set up and learn as much as I can about business before trying to get clients or see financial results.

Clare encourages both building a business and actively running a business at the same time which REALLY challenged my “fearful / perfectionist / safe / planning ahead for disaster” nature.

I’ve learned so much about different aspects of systems, marketing, mindset and where I’m prone to sabotage my time or my worth. I made $2000 from my first paid shoot after doing the Photography Business Accelerator! 

I’ve also had compliments from friends about how professional my business appears on social media and I have overcome so many fears and resistance that came up. I’ve worked through so much – all of it a WIN I couldn’t have achieved without Clare. 
I can’t thank Clare enough for everything she’s taught me. There is no way Bean Images would exist the way it does, in this time frame had I tried to set up on my own. 
Jill, Bean Images
 I came to Clare as I feeling frustrated that I am not getting more clients. I didn’t know how to go about it and knew I needed automation but didn’t know how to set it up. Seeing how all the elements work together, working on pricing and seeing what I need to change in my business, working on mindset and how it has an effect on how you function has been so great. I know that having automation will make it so much easier for clients and for myself. 
Thank you Clare, for all your help, knowledge and sharing so much information to implement some automation into my business - without this I would still be where I was for the past 12 months.

Melinda, Melinda Heathcote Photography
You'll find yourself posting things like this...
(and it's highly likely my response will be something like this...)
(Your 12 Week Success Roadmap)
Get super clear on exactly what is important to you to create a business that works for your life, your family, and your priorities.

Align your branding and your marketing message to your values, so your social media and photography business is authentic and uniquely "you". 

Using the Cash Injection System to get some quick wins in terms of sales and bookings - before you've even built your first automation.
Align your pricing with your income and lifestyle goals and create a pricelist and strategy that elegantly guides your clients to naturally WANT to spend your average sale (or way more!). 

Understand and measure your numbers with the provided calculators and business reports so that your business actually pays you, and is not just an expensive hobby.

Use an extremely POWERFUL process where you uncover and clear any unresourceful beliefs, emotions or memories around money which might be holding you back - even though right now you might not even be aware of them consciously. 
You'll create your entire client experience - from enquiry to archiving, complete with step by step checklists, email scripts and resources to maximise the excitement, experience, ease and income for every shoot.  

Use the provided contracts, scripts, T&Cs and confidence audios to put an end to freebie and discount seekers.

Create sales automations so you never have to have another awkward conversation about pricing, sales or ordering again. If you want to do In Person Sales, follow our proven scripts and techniques to feel confident about in person or telephone sales - so both you and your client walk away feeling elated with the result. 

✔️Education Funnel 3x pre-shoot email automation scripts
✔️Investment Funnel 7x post shoot sales automation scripts
Create your entire 12 months of promotions, including the details of each promotion, the pricing and the message for how you will promote it.

Write and schedule your monthly newsletter to capitalise on your existing (and growing) database. 

Choose which funnels to use to execute your 12 month marketing plan, and build your database with each promotion - with automation and ease. 
Turn "likes" into customers - look forward to getting your first "ca-chings" on your phone when sales come through your first Connect Funnel! 

80% of people need 5 follow ups before they buy so here is where you will cultivate this warm traffic by creating your Nurture Funnel.

✔️VIP Connect Funnel Template + 3x follow up email automation scripts
✔️Nurture Funnel with 4x nurture email automation scripts
You'll learn how to optimise your online presence to direct traffic to your Bookings on Autopilot system 24 hour a day.

You'll schedule out a month's worth of social media content and create a buzz and reinvigorate (or kickstart) your visibility - all while saving yourself 5-10 hours per week.
Get quick wins and cash injection using the path of least resistance with existing relationships.

Systematise and automate your process to get raving feedback and testimonials from clients, including email exact scripts to get a higher response rate.

Create automated incentives for clients to return again and again resulting in automated repeat business, upsells and referrals.

✔️Testimonial Funnel with 3x raving testimonial automation scripts
✔️Continuity Funnel with 3x email automation scripts to entice return shoots
Plus Join Now + Get These Bonuses...
Photography Biz in a Box (Value $3,500)
A PRICELESS resource library including email scripts, funnel + automation templates, portrait contracts, model releases, telephone scripts, pricing templates, session info guide templates and more! 
Meditation Library (value $1000)
A PRICELESS resource library of recorded meditations to support you through moments of overwhelm, tech frustrations, lack of confidence or negative thinking. 

The Mindset Hub includes the following audios:
Clarity Creator, Unresourceful Belief Clearing, Design Your Future, Become a Money Magnet, Pricing Belief Buster, Upgrade Your Mental Software, Circle of Excellence, New Behaviour Generator, Overwhelm Buster & Time Stretch. 
Business Basics QuickStart + Purposeful Portfolio Builder (value $594)
For those right at the beginning of their business journey.

How, when and where to sort out all the set up - including ABNs, bank accounts, business names, social media, insurances, policies, terms & conditions & model releases. Plus email scripts and checklists to quickly build the RIGHT portfolio of images required for your business, so that you can put stop to the "just one more" freebies and get your first paid shoot FAST.
Winning Websites (value $397)
This Bonus Module takes you through the Anatomy of a Winning Website, How to Optimise Your Social Media for Bookings (not "likes").

Got a website already? Take the Winning Website Audit is to ensure it's maximised for sales. 

Don't know where to begin with your website? Use our comprehensive recommended resource checklist to build your website from scratch with key pages, plugins, copy and integrations. 
Zero Cost Marketing Strategies (value $297)
There are so many FREE ways to build your business. You just need to know how!

 From SEO to collaborations to flash sales to contests - this is a comprehensive Bonus Module you'll go back to for inspiration over and over again.
Facebook Ad Fundamentals (value $297)
Watch this Bonus Training with leading Facebook Expert, Louise Griffiths.

Get confident with understanding the fundamentals of Facebook ads and create that result in actual photoshoot bookings, not just lots of likes or followers. 

Track your results so you know exactly how much each customer or lead costs you, so you can confidently budget for advertising spend. 
Total Value of The Bonuses Alone = $18,582
BONUS!: Shoot for Success Funnel 
This funnel was hands down my highest converting funnel when I was in the peak of my photography business - and is the way to easily and effortlessly drive traffic from your website to your sales funnels and convert enquiries to shoots on autopilot. 
This is a Funnel you link to your website which you use to send potential clients your Information Sales PDF Brochure to give them more information and answer their burning questions all completely automated! 

INCLUDES: 3 Funnel Pages (Opt in + Offer + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 3 Objection Handling Email Scripts so you convert those enquiries into sales with zero contact from you! 
 I felt like funnels and automation were really complicated and hard, until I accidentally set up an automation to promote my funnel before I had even finished it and I got a booking within the first 15 minutes! It totally freaked me out and I was totally unprepared, but then I remembered Clare's advice on taking imperfect action and just focused on the positives!! I got my first booking from a funnel! 

We are in severe drought right now so I have haven't been focused on my business at all the past month or so. Despite this, I used Clare's Mother's Day Funnel and got 4 photoshoot bookings all on autopilot. This would never have happened without the funnel and automation I set up before the cattle took up all my time and attention.

Now I am feeling empowered and determined! I’ve learnt so much about marketing strategies and I’ve learnt to trust myself. I can't thank you enough Clare!
Mandy, Mandy McCutcheon Photography
 I’ve been putting off Clickfunnels and automation because I built it up to be way too hard in my head. My aha is the tech part is not quite as hard as I was thinking. There’s a little bit of work setting up the initial funnel, but after that I can just copy and change for the promotion I need. When Clare showed us the steps it made more sense and I can see how the automation will make life easier. 
Amanda, Amanda Meryle Photography
 I feel a little in awe that my Mini Session Event is planned and ready to go. Making the decision to use Clickfunnels was the best on for this promotion and I can see how much time it is going to save me now and for future events. And to have Clare provide her own Clickfunnel Templates and have more than half the work done for me at the Event is beyond amazing!!

My business and my mindset has moved forward in leaps and bounds since I started working with Clare. Thank you!

Julie, Three Hearts Photography
 I spent 4 hours creating the Mini Session Funnel and automation emails and set it live on 1st August. Using my email list of just 240 people in Goulburn, by 28th August, I had maxed out my whole day with 17 mini sessions timeslots, and using the magic of Clickfunnels, I also upsold 50% products at the time of booking, making me a total of $5,500 cash during one of my slower winter shoot months (before I even took a photo). 

Since I outsource my editing and use automation for my booking and sales process, the only time I worked was the 4 hours to set up the funnel and automations, plus the day of the shoot and culling images to be edited. Once the clients saw their images, I upsold another $6,000 in products in October, all while I was on a holiday cruise with no internet reception. 

In total, I made $11,500 from my one day Mini Session Funnel last year. There is NO WAY I could have done that with such ease my Magic 4 Automation Combination: Funnels + Email Automations + Social Media Scheduling + Sales Automations - they did all the work for me.
Clare, Your Life Through a Lens Photography
What Impact Would Automatically Making 
$7k or $12k or $17k or $22k
from just ONE Funnel, or ONE Day or ONE Month 
Have On YOUR Life?

What if you could do that again and again?  
One of the most important things I teach in the PBA is that SOCIAL PROOF is pretty much the MOST COMPELLING reason that people decide to they trust you enough to buy from you.
So don't listen to me, I'll let my students tell you what they think.

Working with Clare was the best thing I could have done. I had never done a paid shoot, didn’t have a website, no pricing, I hadn’t even done enough shoots for a portfolio when I started! 

In my first 10 months in business, using Clickfunnels, I have sold:
*16 mini sessions, using Clare's Mini Session Funnel (making around $8,600)
* 34 VIP Photoshoots using Clare's VIP Connect Funnel (averaging around $1000 per shoot)
* 9 Full Priced and 6 Extended Family Photoshoots using Clare's Nurture Funnel
* 6 Mother's Day Vouchers using Clare's Mother's Day Funnel
* $3,500 using Clare's 12 Days of Christmas Funnel 
* 3 Weddings using my own Funnel (I'm now creating my own!). 

All in all, a total of 74 FULLY AUTOMATED Shoot Bookings - no emailing, no scheduling or rescheduling, no chasing clients to pay. There is no way I could have done all of that in 10 short months without Clare’s guidance, templates & automations.

Clickfunnels is an effective and efficient marketing and sales tool that has CHANGED MY LIFE. If you are hesitant about the cost of investing $97 per month, think about the potential shoots and bookings you are missing out on by NOT using Clickfunnels. Anything is expensive if you don't use it - I use Clickfunnels for every promotion and send traffic from Facebook to my funnels every single day.

Thanks to Clare (and Clickfunnels), my husband was able to drop one of his days on the road so he gets to spend more time with the kids, which they are all loving - and best of all, all 7 of us are taking a whole month off in 2018 to go overseas on holidays. 
Rachael, It's a Beautiful Life Photography
"I love Clare, she has changed my life forever... I will always be grateful"
"I had too many customers and not enough money and time - and I was getting a little bit burned out.

I was scared of raising my prices, because I felt that I would not have any bookings. I now have 4 funnels live. Everything is on autopilot and it's so much easier to do business now. 

The PBA was life changing for me. I am less judgemental of myself, am much more confident now, I feel very professional. My relationship with my husband is better, my business is better, my life is so much better - I am so much happier!

The PBA is for anyone who wants to make photography their business and especially anyone who struggles with confidence and self worth and for people who feel like they can't charge more because they will be rejected or judged or never get bookings - Clare helps you to get over it and just move on.
"I spent a good 5 or 6 years struggling, I don't know why I didn't do this earlier!"
"Definitely jump in and get Clare's help because you will save a bucket load of time, getting her to help you set up first - a couple of hours, instead of like weeks and weeks, of tearing your hair out! 

I would recommend the PBA to any photographer, who's starting, middle, established - this will help literally any photographer out there, no matter where your business is at. 

Clare is the bomb. She knows her stuff. If you haven't said yes, I don't know why. Hurry up!"
"My biggest hesitation was spending the money!"
"I had to really make a careful decision as to whether that was going to be worth it for my future. 

I was convinced because the PBA seemed to be just what I was looking for - from starting a business from scratch, as well as implementing funnels in my marketing. 

I can see that this is going to help me to build a functional and successful photography business, and I'm looking forward to that becoming my full time work. 

I'd recommend anyone who has a photography business and wants to implement funnels - or planning to start a photography business but haven't really known the first steps to take."
"Woke up to 3 sales after setting my first funnel live the night before."
"Since starting the PBA, my whole mindset has completely changed - not just in my business but my personal life as well. I've had mindset breakthroughs around money and my self worth.

Initially I had it in my mind that my business would just be a little side business, but I am confident that it will become my full time income. 

I would recommend anyone who is thinking about - there is so much behind the scenes stuff that can make your life easier - that you don't even know about.

It's really worth it."
This Can Be a Reality For You Too...
Here's a Recap Of Everything You Get
 When You Join The Photography Business Accelerator Today:
TOTAL VALUE: $18,782
Starting at $60/week
(pay in full for $2997+GST)
Hey there! I'm Clare!
I'm the founder of the Photography Business Accelerator, Perfecting Portraits, Beginner Bootcamp and the author of the book, the Art of Pricing for Family Photographers.

I’ve spent the last 9 years as a portrait photographer in my Sydney based studio, Your Life Through a Lens Photography and the last 4 years working with portrait photographers to grow profitable photography businesses. 

I'm an ex accountant, ex process management analyst, ex investment banker with Deloitte and Citigroup - so I have a unique mix of left and right brain skills and talents :) 

My greatest value is Freedom - it's why I started my businesses in the first place. I just love that funnels and automation provide freedom and flexibility to automate so many parts of our businesses AND at the same time, give a smooth, professional experience for our clients. It makes it much easier for them as they get to know, like and trust us to be their photographer of choice.

My focus is now on helping photographers grow their businesses using a mix of old school offline AND the latest online strategic marketing funnels and automations. I'm also an NLP Qualified Practitioner and use magic mindset techniques to transform my students' confidence and belief in themselves, to empower them to be successful long-term photography business owners.

Having a career in finance > then learning photography > then diving deep into online marketing > then discovering the power of funnels and automation > and THEN seeing the magic of NLP processes on the mindset of myself and my students, made me realise this really IS the magic combination.

Profitability + Photography + Marketing + Funnels + Mindset = WOW.

And that's why the Photography Business Accelerator is different.

I walk my talk and I only share REAL results. This unique combination of knowledge, which I share openly and fully in the Photography Business Accelerator, has literally has changed my life into one that I describe as extraordinary... one of freedom, flexibility and where enquiries and sales happen on autopilot, 24 hours a day.

I’m on a mission to inspire women, and show them it IS possible to live their version of an extraordinary life through documenting love too. 

Because ultimately, documenting love is what portrait photography is all about, right?

Common Questions: Please Read
When are you running it again?
The Photography Business Accelerator program is an intimate program which is how our students get results. A proportion of students decide they love the accountability and the community so much that they choose to stay on for an additional 3-12 months, so it just depends if there are any available spots when you want to join. 

At periodic times, we offer a 72 hour window to grab the programme for $1,000 off when students finish their 12 week program and decide not to stay on. Jump on the waitlist to be the first to be notified when a space comes up and when you can save $1,000. 
What if I am not very technical?
That's why joining now so you can get the support is so key! We have step by step instructions, a tech library with hundreds of "how to" videos, plus of course the ability to ask any questions in the Facebook group. We also have Tech Support to help with any individual questions along the way. There is the option to purchase tech support with Clare's very own Tech Team if you are time poor or struggling with tech.

The logic behind the funnels and automations we teach are actually pretty straight forward once you understand them. Most of our students tell us they are not techy, and then when they create their first funnel, they say how they didn't realise it would be as easy as it was.

Something to be aware of is, if you tell yourself you aren't technical, then your brain listens, and guess what, you have tech issues and nightmares! Try telling yourself instead that creating systems and automations is fun and easy and worthwhile, and that you are resourceful and are very capable of working it out - then see the difference in your results (and in all aspects of life!)
Won't I need to spend heaps on expensive software?
If you invested in the 5 core systems that Clare suggests, you would be looking at a minimum of US$47 / AUD$61 per month, and a maximum of US$153 / $200 per month. All of the available software options have free versions or free trials.

When you consider how many photoshoots you can get automatically and how much money you could make when you implement the funnels, the cost is a no brainer! If you want a business that earns more than $5k per month, an investment of $60-$200 is required.

Investing in the right systems in your business is part of a "Going Pro" mindset, so if you expect to get the results Clare and her students have gotten, you'll need to invest the minimum. Each system is introduced over the first 7 weeks. 
Do you help me if I have questions?
When you join the Photography Business Accelerator in the 72 hour window and receive the 12 Weeks of coaching, you have access to Clare and her team and to the other members of the PBA Inner Circle, who are there to help. 

As well as the weekly coaching, Clare has two set "Office Hours" times plus a weekly Q&A thread where you can ask your questions and they will be answered within 24-48 hours. Most questions get answered within a few hours. 

Please note, this is a group coaching bonus, not an individual coaching, so Clare may not personally answer every single question. We have priced the Photography Business Accelerator in a way that allows Clare to support a group of people. 

If you would like 1-1 support, Clare's prices start at $3,000 per day.
I don't need the coaching, can I get it cheaper?
While many people love and appreciate the access to the Facebook Group and the live coaching sessions, participating in the Inner Circle community and taking advantage of access to Clare is a bonus to the Photography Business Accelerator Online Training Portal. Clare is focused on getting her students results (it's why there are so many glowing testimonials) and given that only 1% of people who actually buy courses without support, actually implement the work, we aren't interested in selling something just because we can.

Not everyone who buys the PBA utilises the group or attends the coaching calls and while we encourage our students to attend to get best and fastest results and support, your attendance or contribution is by no means mandatory. You are perfectly free to work through the modules at your own pace from beginning to end. It will be the same price.

The weekly coaching call covers some core aspects of the PBA and also more supplementary content for those who want to make money and take advantage of key times of year - while also doing the content of the PBA. All of it will be relevant, regardless of what stage you are at, if you are open to it.

The price offered today reflects the value of the Photography Business Accelerator Online Training portal as a standalone product. It's the same price whether you all or none of the bonuses available to you.
Do you have payment plans?
During the periodic 72 hour window, we offer a special payment plans that aren't available at any other time. 
When are the weekly group sessions held?
The weekly coaching calls are held on Mondays from 10.30am-11.30am. We call them a "Study Hall", where each week we have a live training about a relevant topic, then time for implementation and questions. All the weekly calls are recorded, and you can ask any questions in the group, which will be answered during our office hours. Lots of PBA students work or can't make the live calls, so catch up on the weekly calls which are available within a couple of hours of the live call, on Monday afternoons.

Do we all start together at the same time?
No, we have found that when people are ready to join the PBA they don't want to wait. Around 40% of students who complete the PBA and opt to stay on for a further 6-12 months. We even have a couple of students who have been with us for 2 years! As the program is intimate in nature (a maximum around 30 new students per quarter) we have a waitlist to open up spots when they arise (which is now).

This array of knowledge and membership adds even more value to the extremely supportive Inner Circle group with members who can provide extra mentorship from their own personal experiences. Our longer members help out our newer members with their questions.

We also encourage student find a buddy in their first 2 weeks in the program - this works really well to keep our students motivated, focused but also create deep friendships with other students that last well beyond the PBA program.
Won't I have to charge crazy prices? I can't do that.
Students who have felt this way before working with me, have found that it's not because people won't spend that much money... it's just that they don't know how to position their offers for people to want to buy them (ie they don't know how to sell!) I'll take you step by step how to make sure your offers and packages are going to be compelling to your ideal client (it's module #2). 

Photography is a luxury product (ie people don't NEED it like milk or electricity). The value is comes through the EXPERIENCE and in SEEING the photos. So, the key to making money from your photos is knowing how to sell AFTER your photoshoot. 

Our Bookings on Autopilot System works for all portrait photographers, charging anything from $100-$6000.
I am not a family photographer, is this for me?
The PBA email templates and scripts have been created specifically with family photographers in mind as that is Clare's background. However, the information learned in the PBA could be applied to any business! We have students who are family, newborn, boudoir, wedding, equine and pet photographers - you can easily adapt the templates and email copy to your own genres of portrait photography. 

Clare teaches only what she knows works and she has only ever sold landscape photos as part of her Kenyan Exhibition, so this programme doesn't teach how to sell landscape prints. 
Don't you just use discounts all the time? I'm a high end photographer so this won't work for me.
Every type of photographer, no matter how long they've been in business or much they earn can benefit from funnels. Funnels are simply a tool to get clients - you can put price points of whatever you like on them. 

The only reason someone wouldn't need funnels in their business is if they are already attracting the number of clients they need, in which case the only way they can make more money is to raise their prices (which you also learn how to do in the PBA).

Clare has worked with 7 figure studio owner who wanted to create more ease and automated bookings into her studio (and made just under 6 figures from one funnel and one email sequence Clare wrote for her, directing them to a simple Bookings on Autopilot funnel). 

Clare only works with people who are open to being coached and open to believe that there might be a better way of doing things. 
It sounds great, but I think I want to implement a few things before I start…
It has been our experience that when women have already implemented processes  in their business before joining the programme, once they discover our strategies they always wish that they had had our guidance earlier on. 

Whether you decide to do this now or later - you will have to set up these foundations for your business anyway. Why not save time and stress and overwhelm and start making more money this month? With expertise, specific step-by-step solutions using proven processes, you will get where you want to be faster and with more ease and joy.
Will you guarantee I will get the same results?
We have tested and used the strategies, scripts, funnels and automations in our own business and have many students who have gotten phenomenal results in our programme. We strongly believe in the value and quality of the PBA and we stand behind it. The results shown have come from our students following the steps we provide.

But your level of success in attaining any of the results we have mentioned on any of our websites and/or Social Media platforms depends on the time you devote to your own business and marketing, your ideas, your visibility, your own story and authenticity in your storytelling, your financial backing, your background, dedication, desire, motivation and the level of your various skills and/or knowledge.

We don’t believe in “Get Rich Quick” schemes, only hard work and perseverance. Our templates, scripts and trainings are a tool to help you get more clients, more income and more ease in your photography business. 

By law, we cannot and do not make any promises about your ability to earn money using any of our tools, information, ideas and/or strategies.

Of course we want you to succeed! That’s why we provide the support we do, but it’s up to you. Anything you want to succeed in (business or not) takes hard work and effort, and the results depend on how much effort and work you are willing to put in, among other things such as mindset.

Any and all forward-looking statements on any of our websites or Social Media Platforms are intended to express our opinion of what you could potentially achieve, but many factors will be important in determining whether you actually will. And we do not make any guarantees that your results will be similar to ours or anyone else’s.
Do you have a refund policy?
There is over 11 years and $100,000 of Clare's knowledge and investment in creating her own her Intellectual Property inside the Photography Business Accelerator. Much of this is instantly downloadable to help you get results fast. You can't return knowledge (it's not like clothes!), so we have strict refund policies.

For the Photography Business Accelerator Programme, we have a 3 day "Change of Mind" refund policy from the date of purchase, which attracts a 10% administration fee, which will be deducted from the refund.

After three days from purchase, we do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. You are making a commitment to invest in yourself, and you don't get money back from a gym or a concert if you decide not to attend. 

We strongly believe in the value and quality of our programs, courses, and coaching, and we stand behind them with a 7-Day satisfaction guarantee. If however, for some reason you find that the Program does not provide you with valuable information and strategies to help improve your clarity, your processes, your pricing, your confidence and automations, let us know within 7 days of the date you are sent your Training Portal access email, complete and return the required assignments and you’ll receive a full refund. Any requests for refunds outside of this 3 and 7 day period will be refused.

Please note, this 7 day guarantee is conditional, based on your efforts to put the strategies into place. If you ask for your money back, you will be required to provide ALL your completed exercises from at least the Module One of the PBA (plus the pre-work), and to demonstrate how you have applied the supplied advice and strategies to your business and your life. We will need to know that you completed the assignments and implemented the strategies with commitment, and on time. Then a quick phone call with one of our support staff to provide feedback on the Program. If you demonstrate that you implemented our teachings for your business and mindset and wholeheartedly made changing your mindset and making your business a priority yet did not achieve results, we will happily refund you. Otherwise, the guarantee becomes null and void.

You can’t get results from something you don’t do. It’s as simple as that. 

Because we know that if you do the work, you'll get extraordinary value. If you do the work and don't get value, we don't deserve your money. It's that simple. Please do not enrol if you just want to "check it out." We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program and we expect you to do the same. The Program is for serious students only. We believe that you get out of life what you put in and the more committed you are to succeeding, the more energy you will put in and the greater results you will see. We will happily support you to ensure your success within this program. This is not a quick fix though, you will be required to diligently apply all the strategies to improve your business and your life. 
I don't need some of the bonuses, can I get something else instead?
In a nutshell, no. Your attendance, use or contribution to the PBA core program or any of the bonuses is by no means mandatory. Bonuses are not redeemable for cash or other bonuses. 
 Two years ago I signed up for Clare's email newsletter - I wish I had taken the action to invest in my business back then because had I known what Clare could do for me and my business I would NEVER hesitated!! I can not thank Clare enough for everything she has taught within the PBA. 

Clare teaches how to become profitable from the very start of your photography business - but don't be fooled into thinking this course is only for beginner photographers! I am far from only just starting out and yet the content is just life changing no matter what stage of business you are at! Be ready to work because this course is jam packed with so SO much information and actionable items to turn your business into serious profit! I am so excited for anyone who invests in themselves and their future via the PBA. If you would like to make more money in your business then get in this!!

Prior to the PBA my average sale was $545. My first shoot after implementing what I have learnt was a $3000 sale! I am so excited for what is to come!
Hailey Yates, Aurora Belle Photography
 "Clare's Photography Business Accelerator program has been a game changer for my business. I had just decided to go full-time with my photography business and quit my job when Clare's program came up. I jumped at the chance because I really wanted Clare's secrets haha! 

Before Clare, I struggled with what to charge and having confidence in my pricing. I moved to a town of 530 people so was relying on social media to get known - it seemed like a minefield. With Clare's mentoring, you are quickly on top of what works and what doesn't. 

My last two sales sales were $4k and $3k and I just won my first AIPP Award! Clare, I can't thank you enough - investing with you has has been instrumental in my success. If you are starting your own photography business, you need this mentoring program!"
Kim Storey, Avalind Photography
 "Everything I've learnt from your free challenges and the 3 Day Immersion has been incredible & exactly what I’ve needed to take my struggling photography & design biz (of about 12 years!) to the next level. Being able to stick to my new pricelist & stand by it has been huge one for me. I was so scared of doing video and resisted it for sooooo long but now I am so much more comfortable putting myself out there. I am a mama first so I know my business will have to go with the ebb & flow of life but thanks to you I now know what I need to do in moments of flow to create momentum to keep things consistently moving along when I am in the trenches of mamahood. Forever grateful xx
Paula Holsgrove, Ivy and The Fox
 I came to Clare as I feeling frustrated that I am not getting more clients. I didn’t know how to go about it and knew I needed automation but didn’t know how to set it up. Seeing how all the elements work together, working on pricing and seeing what I need to change in my business, working on mindset and how it has an effect on how you function has been so great. I know that having automation will make it so much easier for clients and for myself. 
Thank you Clare, for all your help, knowledge and sharing so much information to implement some automation into my business - without this I would still be where I was for the past 12 months.

Melinda, Melinda Heathcote Photography
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